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Woodson W.CHD750 750 wide Countertop Ductless Exhaust Hood

Manufacturer:  Woodson

Product Type:  Bench Exhaust Canopy

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Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, the Woodson 750mm Filter Hood is designed to slip seamlessly over currently existing countertop equipment. A unique ductless design incorporates stainless steel baffle filters, polyester filters and activated carbon filters to provide clean and safe discharge over suitable countertop equipment. The filters are easily removable for simple cleaning. Incorporating a powerful 4 speed fan, this unit couples adaptability with reliability, resulting in an effective, efficient and safe product.

  • The stainless steel filter drains freely to grease gutter and overflow pans for easy maintenance
  • Ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting is included and guarantees that use of countertop equipment is simple and safe
  • Filterhood is supplied with stainless steel square tube supports for locating on existing benchtops
  • Unit is suitable for gas appliances up to 29mJ and electric appliances up to 8kW where AS1668.2 does not stipulate exhaust
  • Supplied with a 10 Amp plug and lead
  • Dimensions of 750 x 660 x 1150mm
  • Electrical rating of 0.5kW - 10A

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