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BT2000 AWC Upright Commercial Dishwasher

BT2000 AWC Upright Commercial Dishwasher

  • $8,18532 RRP + GST

Manufacturer:  Catering Aids

Product Type:  Dishwasher

The Norris BT2000 is a high-performance Commercial Dishwashing Machine that is designed to fit into today’s compact and busy kitchens. With the 895W wash pump, the BT2000 will move even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing. The BT2000 Advanced Wash Control not only produces stunning results but, like all Norris dishwashers it has been built to last. Sturdy, handmade stainless steel cabinet provides additional durability and guards against accidental knocks and rough handling while its polished finish enables easy cleaning.

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