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Air-O-Convect Touchline Combi Oven - Gas - 10 Tray (10 x 1/1GN)

Air-O-Convect Touchline Combi Oven - Gas - 10 Tray (10 x 1/1GN)

Manufacturer:  Electrolux

Product Type:  Combi Oven

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Creating ovens since 1950, Electrolux has many years of research and development in our hospitality industry delivering the latest solutions fit any any busy catering segment. Find out why so many leading chefs and facilitys choose Electrolux and say goodbye to conventional methods and hello to SIMPLICITY from the global leader in food service, Electrolux - Professional. Air-O-Convect Touchline "E-Chef" ovens are water injected state of the art models offering similar features seen in our premium Air-O-Steam versions, yet more economical pricing to still deliver simplicity through a full HD touch screen.

  • Ideal Cooking Conditions - Air-O-Convect Touchline guarantees the maintenance of humidity without a steam generator through choice of 11 humidity settings
  • and of course Air-O-Flow for uniform heat distribution in cooking chamber
  • Simplicity - Full HD touch screen to which user can choose desired program or operation. This allows seamless ability for a inexperienced user through to a qualified chef so that the oven is being used to its full capability producing amazing results with each cook yet keeping the user informed of processes at all times
  • Latest cooking features - All Electrolux Touchline ovens offer capability of Multitimer cooking / Sous-vide cooking / Hot and Cold smoking / integrated USB for easy menu upload/download of 1000 recipes and HACCP data logging and downloading
  • Easy to clean - integrated self cleaning system with choice of four various cycles that is started at press of a button. Furthermore there are "Green Spirit" options which can reduce running costs of up to 50% preserving our environment and your costs
  • Fully adaptable - Life constantly changes as well as processes in kitchens. Electrolux is unique in that at any time all our ovens can incorporate a fully integrated matching chiller/freezer option that will optimize workflow in any kitchen when required
  • Dimensions of 1208 x 1065 x 1058mm
  • Rated at 88 MJ & 0.25kw

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